Hollywood Live – Rodeo Drive

Beverly Hills/Rodeo Drive: Aviana Angélique Aurelia was followed by a papparazzi-crowd. She escaped into into the Armani Shop to hide there for 1 hour. But finally she was caught by the waiting paparazzis and they shot her with her brandnew 2 Million Dollar car.


First Public Viewing of BRUSHWOOD in 2020: Aviana Angélique Aurelia as Dancing Domino. “Brushwood”..is a musical fairy tale with fantasy elements, dancing, cartoon animation and songs. A business woman suffering from workoholism. A saleswoman bursting with vitality. A fabulously beautiful mythical creature being chased through the woods … Three sides of the same woman in conflict. This parable of our time is looking for the the path that makes life worth living. The movie first premiered in 2017.


Aviana Angélique Aurelia wins the lead role as Eudile in the US-American movie “A Gothic Tale of Gluttony” by the New Yorker director Margherita Arco. A Gothic Tale of Gluttony is a surrealist tale of a dinner party in a high society aristocratic milieu. In this movie Aurora Angélique plays a passionate harpist who lives for her art and wants to improve the world through music. “The harp is a medium to the divine. It is beautiful! … beautiful to play, beautiful to look at, beautiful to listen to … . When I was 15 years old, I practiced five hours a day.” (Angelique Aviana aka Eudile) The opening night of the movie will premiere in New York in 2013.
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