Amaryllis Angélique Aurelia

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My Life

Hi, I’m Amaryllis Angélique Aurelia.  I was born in December some minutes before Christmas eve. One of the first things I saw in my life was a Christmas tree and I grew up in a house at the edge of a big fir forest. So, no wonder that I became a forest elf 😉 . But seriously, I love the great outdoors, especially forests and oceans. But as well I love the odor of the dust in old Royal State Opera Houses, particularly the National Theater of Munich, which was for many years my home and my castle. All these operas, operettas, musicals, ballet-theaterplays, …I was a part of them and they still are a part of me.
My grandfather, who was born into the old Austrian-hungarian monarchy, studied music in Vienna and all his brothers and sisters were talented singer, dancer, musicians, composer, poets, writers, professors of art, etc.This family tradition seems to be my path as well. Music is my essence of life.
I grew up in different countries: Italy, France, Germany and Austria. So I am a mix of cultures and when people ask me: Where are you from?, I always answered: Europe (to be correct, because this meets the truth).
I love my friends, who are spread all over the world (we are a big family) and I’m always making new ones. I don’t really think you can ever stop making new friends or learning about as many new things as possible. I also don’t think you should ever take life so seriously that you forget to dance, to sing, to smile.
Music has done so much form e and when I was really really at the end of any hope and very sick, music saved my life; and I am very grateful for that. Music has taken me all over the world, but because of all of you souls connecting with me, it’s been so magical.
I can’t wait for so many things. But mostly I can’t wait to see you, whether it’s in a crowd or a coffee shop. Thank you for listening, showing up, reading, and taking such good care of me.
Amaryllis Angélique Aurelia