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Hollywood Live – Rodeo Drive

Beverly Hills/Rodeo Drive: Aviana Angélique Aurelia was followed by a papparazzi-crowd. She escaped into into the Armani Shop to hide there for 1 hour. But finally she was caught by the waiting paparazzis and they shot her with her brandnew 2 Million Dollar car.


First Public Viewing of BRUSHWOOD in 2020: Aviana Angélique Aurelia as Dancing Domino. “Brushwood”..is a musical fairy tale with fantasy elements, dancing, cartoon animation and songs. A business woman suffering from workoholism. A saleswoman bursting with vitality. A fabulously beautiful mythical creature being chased through the woods … Three sides of the same woman in […]


Aviana Angélique Aurelia wins the lead role as Eudile in the US-American movie “A Gothic Tale of Gluttony” by the New Yorker director Margherita Arco. A Gothic Tale of Gluttony is a surrealist tale of a dinner party in a high society aristocratic milieu. In this movie Aurora Angélique plays a passionate harpist who lives […]


Historic Movie about World War II Aviana Angélique Aurelia as Svedlana Ivanova, the female lead in the movie “Uberstein – secrets of the Wehrmacht”. Synopsis: 1945. Nazi-Germany is almost completely defeated. Nevertheless, on a castle somewhere in Bavaria the Nazis are working on one last weapon which they hope is going to change their fortunes […]

Royal Opera House Munich with Anna Netrebko

27.12. 2016 With Anna Netrebko Angelique Adell performs in Macbeth mise en scene by director Martin Kusej. Aviana Angelique plays a sylph-witch. Premiere with Anna Netrebko on 29.6. 2014 further performances followed from 1.7. 2014 on. Verführung zur Macht: Anna Netrebko eröffnet als Lady in Giuseppe Verdis „Macbeth“ die Opernfestspiele im Nationaltheater Sie stolpert über […]

TV-Series Alle meine Töchter broadcast on ZDF Kultur and Premiere

TV-Series – Alle meine Töchter screening on ZDF Kultur and Premiere Angelique Aurora Aviana Adell as Titania in the successful TV series Alle meine Töchter Season 4, – 8: Light and Shadow Do    27.08.2015    11:10–11:55    ZDFkultur                            Mi    26.08.2015    11:55–12:40    ZDFkultur                            Di    25.08.2015    17:10–17:55    […]